Awesome Kickstarter for a Water Heater

The modern home is dramatically being changed in multiple, very innovative ways. What will happen to the future of food storage? Will we start seeing traditional outlet’s being replaced with new standard outlets that have usb ports? Can the electric stove and oven be replaced by counter appliances completely? Time will tell. Check out this link for more info on the Heatworks water heater. It seems like a brilliant way to solve many problems with the current state of water heaters.

1. They’re bulky. They can often require a small separate room or make part of their area an odd place to plan for furnishments.

2. Improved Temperatures. This device claims to heat water nearly instantly as its’ pumped to it and through the pipes of your home. No more running out of hot water, no more needing to adjust the temperature mid-shower or bath-draw.

3. Easier to Replace and Service. This device will use smaller parts, so users servicing it by hand may have a more difficult time if small parts are too much for them. Otherwise, being able to work on your water heater on a table (everything eventually breaks down) will at least make self-serve or professional service easier than lugging around a man-sized tank.

4. Decreased Water and Electricity Usage. Heatworks is supposed to dynamically control the electric current so that the fluid one will be appropriately heated. This means that it won’t have to run at full blast all the time. With it being a more modern design and not needing a reservoir of water to maintain at all times, it should be able to drop to power draw levels rivaling lcd’s in standby at times. That last point is just my guess, I do not fully understand the technology and that claim was not made on the Kickstarter page. The decreased water usage may not happen due to social issues. You know how great the perfect temperature shower feels, would you really stop as early as you do now if the water wasn’t becoming colder?

Check out the Kickstarter page for Heatworks here.


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