DualShock 4…


The Verge has a few shots of the new DualShock 4 controller. Honestly, it looks like something Nyko would make. I’d say that’s a step below Mad Catz, two below Logitech and 3 below the design that we’re used to seeing from Sony. It’s till probably ergonomic, it just looks cheap and a bit more toy-like than what we’re used to seeing. Even the boomerang controller looked stylish and very awesome. I’m a fan of weird controllers, of offbeat play styles so my opinion may be horribly off on what the general consensus will tell us about the PS4 controller.

Behold, the canceled boomerang controller of the PS3.

This design just looks resigned. It screams “We’re afraid of change but we’re doing it anyway, sorry kind of half-arsed it there”. Then again, I haven’t seen it in person, touched it or used it extensively. I used to think that the Dreamcast controller would forever be king but the constant evolution of the Xbox controller has proved me wrong. I used to use the monstrosity below (and still win) in Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing and Smash Bros. I look forward to testing the new dualshock controller to see how it stands against its’ predecessors and competitors.

This controller, Toad and P1 position lead me to victory always.


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