Comment Policy

Hello and thank you for checking out my site and this page. I currently don’t experience any trouble with comments but my pageviews have been increasing recently (thank you!) so I’d like to establish a simple policy now just to inform my readers.

Simply put, just use English and respect everyone including yourself please!

1. Comments with links that don’t seem to add meaningfully to the blog post and the posters comment will be moved to spam.

2. Short comments (i.e. two words, one line, etc) are not an issue in themselves but will start to be marked as spam if I notice that your comments are only short. I will tolerate “First” posts but if you’re beaten to the punch I will laugh at you!

3. I’d prefer that your comments be in North American English please! Any other language and I may move it to spam if it doesn’t seem to fit the post it’s dropped on.

4. Just be courteous. It’s fine to disagree with me and any commenter on this blog but name calling to provoke someone will not be tolerated.

5. I believe in freedom of speech and while it may be your right to be able to express yourself I also have the same right. I also have control over this blog. If you are ever upset about anything that may be removed then email me and we’ll have a respectful conversation about the issue. Just know that you are not entitled to post whatever the heck you feel like here. If that hasn’t gotten through to you then how about this. You have the freedom to express yourself, I do too and any “censorship” performed by me on my blog is me simply expressing myself. Cry me an ocean and sail through it if you don’t like that.


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