Blowing Games Is New Again

Say hello to the Retromator 4000, a very specialized game modding tool available from the maintainers of No, you won’t actually get to blow newer games (unless that’s your thing, sicko). Instead it plans to change your modern gaming experience by adding "features" to make it similar to older games.

Based upon the screenshots released it seems like it can lower the bit depth of games, expose unseen numbers and menu’s in a retro style user interface and even convert your modern masterpiece into a text adventure. How is the team doing this? Magic, that’s my only explanation. It’s very scientific, look at what they’ve done to Alan Wake!

Original Shot:

Retro-Mated Shot

Text-Mated Shot

Amazing, truly amazing. This is the type of tool that would normally get sold for anywhere between 1-3 Andrew Jackson’s, it’s being given away for free! It’s not available for public use yet, but if it can deliver quality results on just about any game then it’s going to be a winner. Once again we’re being shown that Good Old Games is a business that consistently tries (and succeeds) to bring a solid, nostalgic but high quality experience to gaming.

Giving it away for free is genius, it will help to funnel people to the store once it’s publicly available. As a business there’s no point in doing anything exciting or great with games if it isn’t profitable or beneficial in some significant way. I’m hoping that it’s the best of both world’s, only time will tell us if the RetroMator 4000 will be a stud or a dud.

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