Why I Don’t Trust Users

IT World has a good piece up on users, it provides a few examples of why I have consistently become more cynical and distrusting of people in general over the years. Below is an excerpt that I believe anyone can understand.

"I went through all the standard questions regarding the software and hardware and even asked her to look behind the computer to see if the phone line was plugged in," Ellsworth says. "’Yes,’ she said irritably. ‘It’s plugged in — your stupid application just doesn’t work.’"

After investigating every possible cause he could think of, Ellsworth decided to honor Occam’s razor and go back to square one: He asked the caller if the other end of her phone line was actually plugged into the wall jack.

"After a moment of silence, she said, ‘Does it need to be?’" Ellsworth recalls. "I guess she thought she had wireless access years before it was available."

The moral: Don’t give users too much credit. If there’s an absurdly simple explanation for a problem, no matter how insultingly obvious it might seem, there’s a good chance it’s right."

That’s why I try not to trust users anymore, this has happened to me far too many times.


One thought on “Why I Don’t Trust Users

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