Manly Men Don’t Hate Women

This is a very true concern, being pro “men” or pro anything doesn’t mean that you’re a polarizing bastion of anti-women or anything else. If anything, emasculation has been promoted by the some of the most vocal and active feminists which is something that the feminist movement did not stand for. It was moreso pro-women, pro helping women to attain an equal standing in a society that had caste them into a second rate position. So many people fight for power and understanding but have no understanding of the power of their ignorant tongues.

Torching the Mundane


When reviewing social movements, I became intrigued by the men’s rights movement. This particular movement is a branch that broke away from the men’s liberation movement, an attempt to break away from traditional forms of masculinity. From this movement, there was a “pro-feminist” and “anti-feminist” split, with the “anti-feminist” branch becoming the men’s rights movement. I place it in quotes mainly because it can often be seen as sexist, but it was founded on the basis that modern (third wave) feminism has resulted in marginalization of men in many social issues and as a result formed to fight for greater rights for men.

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