Good Piece On Red Flags In Dating

This is part 1 of a series that has so far reached 3 parts. What’s the topic you ask? Red flags in dating profiles. It’s as humorous as it is deadly serious. I’ll share a point from each part below. Some of the points you may agree with and some of them you may vehemently hate. This is the internet, a great equalizer and sharer of ideas. Check out the entire series and try to understand the authors intentions before expressing your opinions.


#5: “New to the area and looking for friends” 

Why it’s a RED FLAG: It’s been seen on quite a few fake profiles, and may cause people to write you off as another fake. This is because it’s so generic. Anybody could say that “they’re new to the area” as a convenient excuse.

Resolution: Instead of openly saying it, implication may be of use. For example, “I just got my education degree from Michigan and now I’m a 5th grade teacher in Chicago” tends to send the message enough.


#10: First Date ideas include professional sports games or known expensive/fancy/upscale/exotic locales

Why it’s a RED FLAG: This one’s a thinly-veiled admission that they want “the finer things in life” and “nothing but the best will do.” Many people will invariably read it as if you’re saying “if you don’t have a lot of money and are willing to spend it all on me, go away” and treat the user as a “greedy gold-digger.”

Situations where it’s NOT (necessarily) a RED FLAG: if one’s on a site for wealthy singles, then this may or may not be more of a norm.

Resolution: Unless one’s on a wealthy-dating site, remove it. It’s an easy way to scare people away from your profile, and frankly most people aren’t going to want to spend a lot of money on a first date unless the bond’s guaranteed to last.


#16: Saying “If I don’t respond to you, I’m not interested”

Why it’s a RED FLAG: It often means that they’re not likely to reply unless you really excite them in certain ways. A slightly-more-polite way of saying “if you’re an average Joe/Jane, go away.”

Resolution: Drop it from your profile. You can always politely tell prospective suitors who message you that you’re not interested (and hell, even make it into a “form letter” to copy-and-paste).


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