Development Projects

This is just a placeholder for now, Many more details and even new posts shall start to appear by the end of April (2013). To tease a bit at what is to come, I am now an approved Leap Motion Developer (received my development unit  1/17/2013). I’ve also bought a premium license for GLBasic that I intend to use for Windows, Linux and Android software development. Gaming just happens to be one of my most favorite past times and I have wanted to work on detailed interfaces and user-serving software for years. I also have been compiling a list of “inconveniences” that I believe I can correct via software.

You won’t see anything big coming out of me anytime soon, expect many smaller “projects” before I attempt a more meatier endeavor. Writers usually start off with trying to complete novels first (I’m guilty of this as well), I’m going to the advice of something I read elsewhere and work on actually becoming good at programming (and writing) with smaller items before trying to achieve something greater. It’s not impossible to make a novel or a huge game first or some major operating system utility, it’s just difficult to complete without knowing the scope of your own limits.

Yes, I would love to make a game that combines the best of Megaman X, Super Mario Bros. 3 and my own creations but why should I attempt it first? I’ve always wanted to work on my own linux/bsd desktop distro, one that would be more than just slapping together other peoples work (there will be spit shine!), but why invest all of that time and effort without the understanding needed to not contribute to the ecosystem of effort duplication present in much of linux?

I may be really bad at debugging and not know it. I may suck at support, I may need to learn higher levels of math and logic to achieve what is needed. Maybe I’m only good at playing games and using software but not in creating them. Time is too valuable to create another Bob’s Game, anything that I expend a lot of time and money on will be a serious attempt at making money and satisfying an audience (who is my potential audience?).

There are so many questions to answer and I won’t have them all answered before working on a large project, I should at least be good at the basics before attempting to do so. Working on and completing many smaller projects will at least give me a better sense at how to schedule and section off software development. At the very least, I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon.


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