About NDAA

Simply put, this is a one man blog :P.

The name of this site was chosen long before the controversial proposal with a similar abbreviation. I view dice as initiatives. To limit such a thing to a single die should allow for increased focus. I may be interested in a million things but long before any initiative is recognized formally I’ve whittled it down to a single die which still contains many choices on its own.

Yea, it makes no sense and plenty of sense. That’s the name and I’m keeping it.

If you want to ask me a question, see a topic covered or contact me in anyway then my (Jad) email address will be the best way to do so. I do reserve the right to openly respond to your email, that’s actually why I provide my email address on the other about page. If you don’t want it openly replied to, just let me know somewhere in the message please.

If I’ve posted content of yours (videos, pictures, etc) that you don’t want posted or need to have correctly sourced then contact me via email and I’ll edit the content or remove it. I do my best to try to link to the original source, some of these posts are created via email and don’t carry all of their formatting over (I have to manually update them myself at a later time), if you have not been properly credited then it may only be a mistake.


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