Nook HD, the Reading King

This tablet features a bright, 7″ screen with a 1440×900 screen resolution. It’s a brilliant screen to use for reading books, web pages and magazines. It’s just almost awful as a tablet – out of the box that is. Leapinlar’s thread is how you make a Nook HD into one of the best 7″ Android tablets around. It allows for using the Play Store and installing apk’s outside of Barne’s ‘N Nobles limited app store. Since their tablet is running a modified version of Ice Cream Sandwich and maintain’s apk compatibility with stock Android, they just block the sideloading feature of the system.

Oh the Arc does look nice but the screen tech and resolution are inferior to the Nook HD.

I wish that Barnes ‘N Noble would copy the Kobo a bit by working out an agreement to have the Google Play store on their device. It’s not likely to ever happen since they have their own store that they’re trying to push hard. What would be possible would be to get more aggressive with obtaining apps. It’s so dry in their store that the Sahara could be mistaken for the Pacific if you sat its’ inventory next to it. All I want is Opera, a few games and a few utilities. Other than the poor app selection it’s an awesome device.

The screen is killer, the sound is full, the battery life is great and the Poetic Slimline case that I use with it is nearly perfect. The next Nook better have a front facing camera with the same eye tracking uses that the Galaxy S3 uses. It can be annoying having the screen dim on you while reading a lengthy passage. It’s very hard to believe that with all of their foresight, B&N missed that application.

They were ahead of Amazon on having a tablet, they have created some excellent features (synced voice recordings with books) and seem to have a very passionate and talented time behind the project. They’ve also stood their ground against Microsoft while it was legally attacking all OEM’s that used Android. B&N is scrappy and very full of heart, I only wish for their success and constant progress with the Nook brand, tablets and content in the future.


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