Do People Really Care About Yahoo?

CEO Marissa Mayer just cannot stay out of the headlines after killing off the telecommuting options for the company’s workers. She may be truly justified in killing off the option, we are not in Marissa’s position and do not have the same view of the big picture of Yahoo as a whole like she does. Now she may be wrong, if she is then time will tell. I’m just as out of the loop as the rest of you but I believe that she made this change to help cut the fat. It’s easier and less attractive for people to quit then it is to just fire them or lay them off. She’s more than likely trying to bring a much more lean and efficient environment to Yahoo. If I was an employee there and had the privilege to telecommute would be pissed. It’s never fun losing privileges/options in your work environment. If you don’t like it, look for work elsewhere or try to make it on your own.

I’ve spent more words than I originally planned on this post and so has most of the web whenever posting about this change. There are more pressing issues involving Yahoo and possibly Marissa. What’s so appealing about attacking her or speaking about the same thing over and over? It’s Yahoo, the most annoying site to go to for search. The most annoying ISP contracted homepage and email solution available. The more we talk about it, the longer it will live.

No, I don’t want it to die. I’m actually curious about the product and service changes that will be coming. Will Yahoo offer products that compete with the rest of Google’s portfolio or will they decide to gun after Microsoft while they’re down? After all, teaming up with Bing has only allowed it to devour Yahoo’s search marketshare, go take it back. Kill it. Microsoft is in a great transition right now, I say stick it to them hard at this moment to cement yourself for the coming battles in the user ecosystem wars. Keep them down or you’ll never be able to compete with anyone Yahoo.


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