How About Repurposing Your Wii U For Work With Minimum Fuss?

That’s exactly the idea behind the Kickstarter that yours truly has just launched.

After working for nearly a decade in IT at various levels, I’ve come to learn that you can never have enough formal documentation on how to do anything. It may seem simple enough for you or myself to just head over to Office Web Apps and interpret what happens.

Does a plug-in failed to load, causing us to have to try out about a dozen or more other competitors? Are we allowed to sign-in? If so, how do I work that interface or just get my school paper done in time? Let me handle your frustration in advance so that you can have the best chance at smooth sailing.

That’s fine. At one point in time we all new nothing and had no skill in everything that we’re proficient with now.

Moving beyond that, people are able to get much of their computing done via a web browser and Chrome OS. They’re uying Chromeboxes and Chromebooks that are within the same pricerange of a Wii U. They offer an operating system with little to no maintenance needed in stationary and mobile form factors. The Wii is mostly stationary but via the GamePad it is versatile. There are some things that Chrome OS can do and offer that a Wii U can’t, the same is true for in reverse. Why not take part in a guide that clears a path for you?

Sure, we can trust our pc’s, laptops or tablets to friends or family but not everyone has these extra devices to share. Not only that but they are often highly personal devices. Should your sisters get to learn about what you and your girlfriend were really up to last night while supposedly researching Hernando Cortes for a history paper? I don’t think so.

Sure, she or he (little brothers are a monster unto themselves) may be very adept at web searching and can punch keys to type but how well can they organize a project on their own that will net them an A? (with them doing awesome research, typing and assignment adherence of course)

My sisters excel at this, my mother… eh. It wouldn’t even need to be family. Most people learn a single workflow in a very specific environment so that they can do a task, almost on autopilot sometimes. If their machines die or become unusable somehow, you can bet that they’re coming for yours next.

If they need to complete an autocad project or advanced music editing, you may just be out of luck and have to take that risk is they aren’t a savvy user. If their needs are simple, you can stay on your machine or even jump over to the Wii U yourself, and continue working and generally doing whatever you were doing before.

In the end, this is a project about making you and those around you more adept and able to repurpose a fun piece of tech to get some light work done. I’ve tried doing this many times in the past and can tell you that the random hiccups can often suck up more time than the actual work itself. Be prepared. Let me spend a month or more with a Wii U, document how to handle many tasks needed for school work, general every day work and a few odds and end tasks. Let me suffer so that you may be able to spend your time more wisely.

Lowest option is $1 and it gets you a digital copy of this guide. Yes, every participant gets to taste the fruit of my labors, anything over that dollar is all about adding more of yourself to this project without needing to commit much – if any – time.

I’ve only spoken about a few general use cases, do you have something more particular that you’d like to have looked at? $3 will get your voice heard. I will determine the feasibility of what you would like added and do my best to try to accomplish it on the Wii U. Some things are just plain impossible with the way the system is now, others are very unlikely or may require odd workarounds. No problem, I’ll try that for you.

Just go here and pledge to become a part of this awesome Kickstarter.


Awesome Kickstarter for a Water Heater

The modern home is dramatically being changed in multiple, very innovative ways. What will happen to the future of food storage? Will we start seeing traditional outlet’s being replaced with new standard outlets that have usb ports? Can the electric stove and oven be replaced by counter appliances completely? Time will tell. Check out this link for more info on the Heatworks water heater. It seems like a brilliant way to solve many problems with the current state of water heaters.

1. They’re bulky. They can often require a small separate room or make part of their area an odd place to plan for furnishments.

2. Improved Temperatures. This device claims to heat water nearly instantly as its’ pumped to it and through the pipes of your home. No more running out of hot water, no more needing to adjust the temperature mid-shower or bath-draw.

3. Easier to Replace and Service. This device will use smaller parts, so users servicing it by hand may have a more difficult time if small parts are too much for them. Otherwise, being able to work on your water heater on a table (everything eventually breaks down) will at least make self-serve or professional service easier than lugging around a man-sized tank.

4. Decreased Water and Electricity Usage. Heatworks is supposed to dynamically control the electric current so that the fluid one will be appropriately heated. This means that it won’t have to run at full blast all the time. With it being a more modern design and not needing a reservoir of water to maintain at all times, it should be able to drop to power draw levels rivaling lcd’s in standby at times. That last point is just my guess, I do not fully understand the technology and that claim was not made on the Kickstarter page. The decreased water usage may not happen due to social issues. You know how great the perfect temperature shower feels, would you really stop as early as you do now if the water wasn’t becoming colder?

Check out the Kickstarter page for Heatworks here.

Double Fine Adventure by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions

Is now called Broken Age, or rather it has been called Broken Age for a while now – they just forgot to announce it outside of the forums. This game was over-funded on Kickstarter in March of last year and it’s pretty much running late for its’ originally announced release of October. The team behind it has done well with keeping backers updated despite the name flub previously mentioned.

The new release date has been estimated to be some time in the second quarter of this year (that would be no later than June 30th), only time will tell us what will really happen. The adventure game will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux – here’s to hoping that we’ll see it before July!

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