You Have Until 10AM To Get Your Comics

This is the Comixology and Marvel #1 give away. Below is a simple copy of the email sent out a couple of days ago. Time is short, you can get every comic – YOU JUST GOTTA MOVE FAST!

I removed a few links below, every link to Comixology is unique. You would have needed to sign up for the notice weeks ago when the shortage happened. In short, if this is your first time hearing of this the offer is not available for you. Sorry.

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Marvel #1 bannerIt’s here! Your 48 hours have begun!

Follow these simple steps to select from over 700 free Marvel #1 issues!

Step 1. Access the Marvel #1 promotion page. Remember, you have until April 13th 10:00 AM ET to access this page and select your comics! To log in, you will need your comiXology username and password. This link will not work for anyone but you!Step 2. Add your free comics to your cart and proceed to Checkout.

Step 3. We will email you once our robots add those books to your library – it won’t be too long.

That’s it! If you have any questions, check the support, or Tweet our Support Team @cmxsupport.Link not working? Copy and paste the following link into your browser:
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