How Often Do You Print?

For me, personal printers are practically disposable. I usually buy an all-in-one that has a flatbed scanner, a document feeder, wireless and energy saving modes. I usually end up with something by Lexmark since they have good support for linux. I very rarely actually print anything, Saving everything to a pdf or htm file is very convenient since the files can be viewed on nearly any computer or smart phone now. Very rarely is there actually a need in my own life or other users live to actually have a document physically available. Anecdotally speaking, people that have computer technology integrated deeply in their lives tend to have environments that are paperless or close to it. I have never tossed a printer because it didn’t work, I can fix and troubleshoot any printer problem that comes before me on my own hardware. Instead, I just give/sell my hardware to a friend or family member when the default ink cartridge has run out of ink or dried up, then purchase another $100 or less printer.

If I was running a business then it would be preferable to just replace the ink/toner and maintain the device. It’s an easy temptation to just buy a new printer with the latest improvements to cut done on energy usage, increasing ppi for scans, increasing overall color print quality and getting to test and use some of the latest functions to come to the printing world. The cost of ink/toner replacements can equal about 33-50% the cost of a decent printer. If your needs moreso fit the secondary functions of the device instead of primary one but you still have need of the primary functions then yearly/biyearly upgrades may not seem like such a bad thing. It can be very easy to subsidize the cost of a new printer by selling an old one. How do you treat printing, how often do you print?


A Short Michigan Works Tale

Approximately a year ago I was unemployed but searching for work in every means possible. Careerbuilder was heavily used but returned dismal results for months. Plenty of non-native english speakers were maxing out my voicemail with promises of work if I just gave them my social security number and plenty of other pertinent info without a real job description. Monster works excellently… if you want to work in the Insurance field. Dice seemed to be filled with positions that I was not qualified for at the time. Searching employer sites directly, researching positions and faxing my resume and cover letters to HR departments seemed to be the most effective method. It seemed that I received the most “real” calls and interviews at that time due to that method. It’s not a surefire way to receive the attention of an employer but if you’re going to apply why not let them know that you’re serious?

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Is Bungbungames 10.1″ Android Tablet Awesome? No Major Site Knows But Newegg’s Commentors Do

What runs Jelly Bean and can use SD? The BungBungame tablet, powered by Tegra 3! It’s a 10.1″ tablet (Manufacturer labeled MI100) with 1 GB of memory, 16 GB’s of storage, 1280×800 resolution (Glorious 16:10!), front and rear facing cameras (1.2 MP/720P and 5 MP/1080P respectively), Mic, Audio jack, SDXC slot, Bluetooth V3, wifi-only but with every sensor you’d expect to see in a phone all wrapped inside of a 2.9 lb package for $299. According to reviews the tablet recently sold for $200 before jumping back up to $30 beneath its’ original MSRP.

That resolution may not be impressive but for the price it’s just right. I’m still working from a laptop with a 15″ screen that uses the same resolution (sad, I know). Somehow I’m still able to function in every day tasks and work so I won’t fault this little guy for its’ non-retina level ppi. According to most of the reviewers on Newegg this tablet has a vivid display that’s responsive enough to back up BungBungames 10 finger claims meaningfully. There hasn’t been a single complaint about the heft of the device and it seems as if it shipped with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and was upgraded the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) shortly after its’ release.
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Does The Media Really Suck Or Is It Just Society?

Recently we’ve heard many outcries about the heartbreaking events in Connecticut. Some have blamed gun laws for its’ cause and in doing so have managed to cause the NRA to cower. A few people blamed the security of the school and would like to see something done about it. Others are blaming the parent of the shooter and the shooter himself for the action taken before he took his own life. The cynical and angry among us are also blaming the media, someone went so far as to impersonate Morgan Freeman to get their message out to the world.

The creator of the message is not known but the message itself has its’ own merit. The main objective of the message was to criticize the modern media’s glorification of people that cause harm in our society. It’s a common sentiment seeing that it received over a million likes and received the attention of an innumerable amount of people. It’s also only part of the story in the public punishment of modern media in our society.
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