More Details About Etrian Odyssey: Millenium Girl

Hit the link for full details, the most important one for me is the confirmation of having a classic mode. So in addition to having a new campaign/normal rpg style mode we also will have the original game included!

For those that have never heard of Etrian Odyssey (EO) I’ll give you a quick synopsis of the series. It’s essentially the digital, video game, version of tabletop rpg gaming. Think of the Parker Bros. Monopoly game. I hate playing the real game, even though I rock at it, because set up and clean up are such a drag. I like the video game versions because it streamlines or eliminates most of the tedium of playing Monopoly so that I can enjoy the actual game quicker that what would otherwise be available. The limitations of it being a video game are that I can’t place many custom rules or additions into the game like I can in the actual board game.

In EO you don’t have to set up the environment, roll dice or read through every description or work out many abstract things since a single experience is provided to players. You go into a dungeon with many levels, fight monsters, collect items/loot, map out the world and escape to save your progress. Your strength is directly measurable not just in your characters levels but also in how far you can safely make it through the labyrinth. Unlike a game like Final Fantasy XIII you have a great amount of freedom in how you may assemble your party and progress through the game. Your main goal is to just make it to the last level and create a map of the entire dungeon.

There is very little actual exposition or a main plot, at least not in how you may be conditioned to experience them in other rpgs or even Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Unlike D&D, you can’t create your own missions or maps (just creating a map of an already created area). That would be a limitation of the game that I hope the series may eventually tackle. Even with that limitation it’s still a very rich and engaging experience. It’s actually one of the best not just on the DS or 3DS but period. It’s like the nerd version of a women’s Nike ad.

“Just you, your sword and the labyrinth. The monsters don’t care if you have acne, the npc’s won’t criticize your map making talents. You won’t have to argue about who’s paying for the pizza this session or where everyone is at. The game doesn’t make you set it up or clean it up. It can be called upon even at the twilight hour, on the bus or the porcelain throne. Etrian Odyssey, no bs – just fun.”