Tiny Flagship Phones & HTC

There have been more "leaks" about Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini. Checking its’ specs out, it seems like a more modern version of the MoPho (Motorola Photon 4G) that I used to own (quite possibly one of my most favorite phones). Is 4.3" really considered tiny now? Naw, people keep complaining about not having a tiny phone (think iPhone) with top of the line specs but would you really want that from an Android phone? The battery life question hasn’t been completely answered yet. You would get a smaller screen but the battery will shrink proportionally too.

If you keep the same innards as the flagship phone you’ll pretty much be signing your gadget away to an early death. Also factor in the possible issues of heat dissipation in a smaller device with excessive needs and it just sounds downright unappealing without an excellent engineering and design team tackling it. HTC would probably be your best bet. Motorola would flub it somehow. Sony would overcharge and possibly miss the mark by making something very important about it proprietary or expensive. Samsung would do a decent job but reviewers may sour initial opinions with their overall dislike of Samsungs plastic use.

Asus wouldn’t be able to get carrier subsidies or would cheap out on an important component and every other manufacturer just wouldn’t be able to afford to do so without charging Sony prices for non-Sony class hardware and software. Sony makes great, premium devices but their prices, marketing and strong attempts at some form of lock-in and control are too obscene to ever tolerate. Just take a look at their PS Vita, you’re stuck spending around $100 for storage media that costs about $30 in a competing format of equivalent or greater quality. Sony, you have issues.

HTC has a lot of good ideas and some great designs, I just feel that they have a weak voice and focus on the wrong features when marketing their products. Versatility and life integration features are given lip service while technical specs and other crap is often the main focus of their ads and reveals. What’s the point of telling people that you have the most powerful phone if they don’t get what’s so unique and great about using it? That’s why the Lumia’s are so appealing, their utility overpowers the fact that they’re Windows Phones. They go beyond Microsoft and deliver something awesome and let you know just how great they are. Nokia has brilliant, brilliant design and pay an almost excessive amount of attention to detail. Their vision is focused, quality is high, prices are right and quite frankly I’m mad that they aren’t making Android phones.

Style, Beauty and Elegance Technologized. Not a real word, doesn’t matter. TECHNOLOGIZED!

Apple pretty much fulfills the tiny flagship phone needs of many people but with them being the "only choice". Well, the only choice for those that demand hardware equivalent to the ridiculous setup of the Galaxy S IV. I don’t understand what they’re going to use all of that power for since there’s not much available on Android that can take advantage of it, maybe they want a package that matches the one below? Either that or they don’t want their choice of phone size to be treated like a second-class citizen. I remember when I was in a minority of users that were eagerly anticipating the original Galaxy Note, now it’s helping to bring in a new norm. Either get used to it or beg HTC to help you out folks. Companies will cater to you if you can show them AND give them the money.


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