How Linkedin Makes Money


Yep, that’s $29.95 to be bumped to the top of the recruiters queue! It’s a bit like ebay except instead of paying $2 to bold your ad’s text, it’s $29.95 to try to be the easiest pick for a position. Isn’t that grand?

I am partially posting this in jest. This is a real screen, I just altered my name slightly. I’ve been contacted via linked-in a few times already without spending any money, just time on my resume and profile. Still, if you’re a diligent recruiter going through 50+ applications for one position (over 500 for others and I’m sure some hit OVER 9,000 sometimes) you’re bound to be burned out by the time you make it to candidate 52.

That’s trying to keep some optimism that this is the first position that the recruiter is going through for the day. Will linked-in eventually add a feature that guarantee’s that recruiters will check certain positions first based upon the number of premium member applicants? Only time will tell!


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