Not much that I can add, it’s always a good to read a biblically sound position.

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Originally posted in Rabyd Theologian 2.0 on December 5th, 2009

I debated long and hard about whether or not to use this picture, but it illustrates the current modern debate about public nudity so well … I couldn’t resist using to make a point.

The issues questions on this one are very current. Particularly the issue of women going topless or topfree (depending on who you talk to) in public. When I did my study I paid considerable attention to the issue of women’s breasts and how the Bible views them and if in any way are they connected to nudity. Part 7 of this series I focused on it in particular along with scattered references in each of parts 1 to 12. The issue of physical nakedness I looked at also. Observation over. Interpretation I gave in Part 13 — The Biblical Definition of Nakedness. Now to the second…

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