Some Unknown Person Has No Life

E.T. for the original Atari has supposedly been fixed. This is not a joke, it’s not April Fool’s. Someone has fixed E.T., the universally panned game. Yes, even in Alpha Centauri they know of the legend of E.T. selling so badly and playing so horribly that the games had to be collected and buried in the desert.

"To make the game more appealing to its many critics, launched a project to explain and address E.T.’s most widely recognized problems. Precisely who "fixed" the game remains unclear, though an AtariAge member named Recompile certainly played a major role, but the bottom line is that the project yielded new ROM code that dramatically improves E.T." – IT World

I never played it so I can’t honestly complain. Even so, I have no wishes to play E.T.. If you’re brave or curious, feel free to head to this link to try out the new mod for a long dead game on a long dead system.

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