Leap Motion SDK Is Now Available For Linux

I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I received my development unit. It’s not that I couldn’t use Windows, I was running it originally, I just chose to move away from it. I have tested the limits of the device in processing raw motion data thoroughly, now it’s time to play around with that power. It is only available for Ubuntu for now but hopefully support will become more distro agnostic. In the meantime I’ll try running the sdk via Alien, my crappy internet connection is making this a very long but eager wait! Everything below the banner is from the newsletter that detailed the updates the new SDK brings.


SDK 0.7.6 released with Linux support, new finger tracking

The latest version of the SDK was released last night with some great new features:

  • Beta release of the Leap Linux SDK for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 12.10, or newer. It’s early, but we’d love your feedback and support in bringing our software to this important platform.
  • New finger tracking, which handles a greater variety of finger orientations and positions (such as parallel to the Leap device). This allows for more stable finger tracking across a wider range of movement, especially for thumbs.
  • New screen projection functions, which provide perpendicular projection onto located screens (press “B” twice to see in Visualizer).
  • Device standby mode will now automatically engage after non-use for 5 minutes. Device will re-engage within 1 second of seeing a hand. In the future this will be configurable and much quicker to resume.
  • New settings to enable/disable WebSocket connections and to adjust device frame-rate and range sensitivity (this will help with people who are encountering some environmental interference with their device).
  • Expanded documentation: complete references for Java API, Objective-C API, preliminary API references for Python and C#/Unity.
  • Bug fixes including NaN values in JSON data sent to JavaScript clients and CircleGesture::duration.
  • New device firmware to improve robustness of firmware updates.

We’ll be improving the build over time, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the latest SDK thread.


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