About JAD

So you’d like to know about me? I’ll keep this fairly simple with only with a quick bit of detail myself (D9).

Who am I, I'm just a die.

1) Ostentatiously analytical, I observe the world closely in a way that you can’t help but to love and mimic.

2) Eclectic taste in music, a small part of my Zune is filled with a few select artists that you may have heard of like Brandy, Mary Mary and Queen. Most of it is occupied by the likes of Levarslaysdragons, tunes from OC Remix and many one offs like “Famicom Genkidama”.

3) Octavia E. Butler through her many works have helped to shape my life and path. I hope to one day be able to craft work that bears the fruit of my thoughts, my research and the meticulous amount of detail that I pay to the world around me.

4) I am a Humble Christian. I won’t force my beliefs down your throat or try to “sneak it in”. I’m a fairly direct person that tries to be consistent in all things. I can respect others for who they are and won’t condemn them for their beliefs. Beliefs have never truly hurt anyone, it’s just the actions that they can help to inspire.

5) I’m a huge Sega fan. No tattoos, but they are key to why I have dreadlocks. Think Knuckles, Knuckles the Echidna.

6) I’m a major tech nut. I run Arch on my laptop, I play around with browsers like Opera and Jumanji and I write fairly detailed, but common-folk-simple technical guides.

7) I’m currently working to complete two associate’s degree’s. One in Business Administration and the other in Information Technology. I’ll be working to pursue a bachelor’s in one of those two fields after achieving them and deciding upon the best path to take. I’m currently leaning towards pursuing the business degree beyond the associate level since a combination of experience and technical certifications can allow for further proving of technical knowledge. I currently hold an MCDST, MCITP, A+Network+ and will be working to earn the LPIC 1. I’d like to pursue admin work in either a linux or mixed linux and windows environment. Deskside support for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices wouldn’t be bad either. It’s quite the challenge to move from remote support to deskside.

8) I know and use the following program languages (mainly as a hobbyist): C, GL BASIC and Dark BASIC. I’m currently teaching myself D and Perl with the two main D books and Mark Sobell’s great resource. The goal is to eventually start creating games and software in a lean, efficient method. I like the BASIC style of programming and will be working on my own interpreter/basic after I’m comfortable with D and have finished learning all of its’ features and semantics. D will power my BASIC and I plan to use it for many years to come (although i will need to study basic api’s like OpenGL and OpenAL). It’s an extremely versatile language that I see taking off, it’s not like extending C++ forever will become acceptable right? Right?

9) My laptop is fairly capable but the most strenuous thing I run on it is Serious Sam 3 and Super Giana Sisters. I used to run a Kubuntu desktop, I’ve switch to using OpenSuSE on my laptop. I still use Colemak as my main keyboard layout and I use a lot of niche (and popular) software on this machine. I experiment often with software to determine what its’ real strengths are but the following is what I will rarely go without on any computer that I use: Opera, Wine, Thunderbird/Kmail, Pinta/Paint.net, Libre Office (at least until IBM Lotus Symphony is updated) Calligra Suite, Gparted, Brasero, GLBasic Pro, DarkBASIC Pro and Bluefish.

Contact Info

Maybe you want to speak about the topic of a post in more detail, or you’re bored, or you just want to chat or you’d like me to remove a picture from your site (I link back and give credit to all pictures used here). If so, contact me. Email is the best method of doing so.

Gmail/Google Talk: srkelley5 at google’s email solution
Steam: srkelley


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