Simple Mobile, Simply Full Of It

At first sight they appear to be a wonderful option. They offer unlimited data plans with pricing tiers based upon the speed they can offer. I recently had my data suspended due to using too much data. The plan that I recently experienced my issues with is shown below.

This plan includes the following for $40:

Unlimited Phone Calls (Local & Long Distance)
Unlimited Texting (Domestic and International)
Unlimited Internet with first 250MB at up to 4G Speeds* (The 250 MB of 4G Data was added during my use of the service)
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Direct Dial 411 Info
International Long Distance Options

Their fine print on the 4G Data (that allotment was added during my use of the service, that’s the only change that was made to it) warns that your phone must be HSPA+ compatible and that the 4G service is only available in certain locations.
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You’re Liable To Be Sued For Libel In Australia Despite Not Actually Committing It

That’s the case for Google and potentially other major search providers according to Judge David Beach. The Supreme Court of Victoria ruled in favor of the Plaintiff, Milorad Trkulja, in a move that mirrors an earlier precedent involving the same man and Yahoo. His complaint was that some of the results in Google’s search results were libelous in their nature since it showed results of websites that claimed his unsolved case of getting shot in the back to be of mob origin. He has been awarded (in Australian currency) $200,000 (that’s equivalent to $208,000 American dollars) from Google and $225,000 from Yahoo.
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Did He Know That Prisoners Have Internet Access?


Techdirt reports that a young cyber soldier has chosen a deal that places heavy restrictions on his internet use for the next six years instead of reporting to juvenile detention for three years. Smart man, he values physical freedom over his cyber freedom.

Still, I can’t help but think of how many people would have chosen some form of jail time instead of living a free life where they would need to bug a parole officer to view every tweet and nipple available on the web. What would you pick?

Just A Spoonful Of Salmonella Helps The Medicine Go Down!


Sick. I understand that mistakes happen and that a lot of food may not even be 100% food anymore. Still, why should grocery shopping effectively become a game of Russian roulette with retroactive knowledge of participation? I have not had Nesquik in years and after this revelation I may start to avoid Swiss Miss too. I’m certainly happy that this contamination was discovered but I’d like to know how it’s even possible for salmonella to reached the final product

The Wii U On The U And More

I’m sorry Mr. Totilo, really I am, but I’m fairly certain that if I owned a Wii U that I could play it from the U of my toilet seat. I know this thanks to your great write-up about your own usage at home. Nintendo gave you a fairly conservative estimate that seems like it won’t be contestable based upon your use.
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RTFM Is Pretty Useful

Recently I announced that I was going to try using PC-BSD as a desktop operating system and that I would read the manual. It’s been pretty insightful so far, I really have been reading it and following up on small tidbits from the manual with more research. I didn’t do this much research before diving into Windows XP or 7. I also did virtually zerZorin to the world of tough love that is Arch.
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