Digital Bible Giveaway

This comes courtesy of This is a promotion more for their app than the actual bible. For anyone interested you need to download and use the Faithlife Study Bible app by April 8th to receive the NIV translation, New International Version, free.

You may also read this translation, along with many others, online in any web browser. The Faithlife Study Bible is a comprehensive, constantly growing study aid for the bible. From what I’ve seen so far (I had not heard of it before discovering it via the promotion today) it seems like it has the potential to be an excellent tool for self and group based studies and collaboration.

This is a list of features taken straight from their site:

  • Create and join church, school, or personal groups.
  • Make and share Community Notes in the FSB.
  • Set group reading plans with reminders.
  • Share lessons, outlines, and other documents.
  • Set your own Faithlife privacy preferences.

I give many things a try, this is mostly platform agnostic so you’ll be hearing my impressions about it later in the year after I’ve given it a fair test run. Believe me, I like to discover how things work, how truly effective they are, their true scope and then I try to break them and integrate them into my life at the same time. If it’s no good at all you’ll hear it from me but so far it looks to be very promising. I’m hoping that I do not run into the same connectivity-based DRM issues that plague the YouVersion bible app.

Hold up, what’s the NIV?

The NIV is an English translation of the bible, the Christian bible. It was originally published in an incomplete form in 1973 as just the New Testament, it would take 5 years for a completed translation to be made available to native English readers. Like any good translation it used recent archaeological and linguistic discoveries for providing a modern translation. A team of nearly 100 bible scholars worked together in faith and knowledge to decipher the original, canonical documents of the bible.

The NIV is what they believe to be a faithful, word-for-word and thought-for-thought modern day translation of God’s Word. The most recent revision’s were released in 2011, they are revised as understanding of the language and culture of past societies increase. The increased understanding in combination with an increasing level of objectivity (there were previously issues with gender-inclusive language) are what have fueled the latest revisions.


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