Who Actually Cares About A Ducktales Remake?

Seriously, who? I have nothing against that review, it’s just there for those who may not have heard of the game. The hoopla and passion shared openly over the past few years can be very misleading. The Video Games Industry is a very, VERY insular industry. If one popular person likes something on a site it pops up on many of them with its’ fans and detractors. I may only be speaking anecdotally but I had not heard anyone comment positively on Ducktale’s until a game journalist did so publicly. I doubt that many of the people reporting their "nostalgic love" for it over the years actually played the game during its’ time on the market. I very seriously doubt that they fell in love with its’ music before some great, real fan brought it back to everyone’s attention in a way that positively goes beyond anything that they could have hoped for.

Screen from the NES original release

I love WayForward’s games and I love most of the stuff that Capcom publishes. I have no doubts that this will be a great remake but I hope that it’s not a sales bomb. I truly hope that I’m wrong about the "nostalgic love" love being fake and that the game can capture a solid audience today, new or love in spite of anything negative working against it. It’s a game created by a highly talented studio and being brought to market by a great publisher. If it bombs, I blame all of the poseurs out there. All of you.

And no, I never played while it was available in the market. Heck, I still haven’t played the original game to this date. I never have played it and I don’t have a problem with it, I also don’t lie about having played it. I want my real intentions with gaming to always be known, going with the crowd and misrepresenting your experiences and passions is wrong. It’s deceitful to the truly passionate crowd, the untouched market and gamers of that title and to the companies that seriously invest their money in this type of stuff.

I will buy this game if it releases for pc (along with any WayForward title that hits pc, go drm free please!) just because I’m a fan of the original show and WayForward’s work. Please comment here if you’re planning to buy this for Wii U, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Heck, comment to post a rebuttal to my points or to just share your passion or love for the game. I’m interested in hearing more from people that actually care about the topics and content in this post.


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