Speaks For Itself

But I’m going to talk anyway

I have been wanting a real ereader (my Nook HD is excellent but isn’t the same as a dedicated ereader), something with a proper e-ink screen. The reviews of both the Simple Touch w/GlowLight and the Paperwhite have been positive. Judging by the technical specs of the devices and the wording used in reviews the Paperwhite is better. It has 28 hours of battery life with its’ light on (30 minutes a day x 56 days) versus the Simple Touch GL’s 14 hours (30 minutes a day x 28 days) with its’ light on.

I would personally favor the Nook over the Kindle because it’s cheaper, comes with a complete charger, has expandable memory, uses an industry standard ebook format (epub, no Kindle reads it without modding), its’ specs are comparable to its’ competition and because I’m just plain biased – I like Barne’s & Noble.

Bias or not, it has competition and I’m not just talking about Amazon. Kobo is often ignored, without Border’s around to help it gain attention it’s pretty much the silent opponent that’s ignored outside of hardware reviews. Reviews that Kobo actually fares pretty well in. Both professional reviewers and users like their devices and unlike the Touch GL their Kobo Glo doesn’t have to contend with hardware defects. Unlike the Kindle the Kobo Glo doesn’t pester you with ads, comes with all of the hardware you would practically need and is priced competitively.

It costs $129.99 but for that extra 10 bucks you’re getting solid hardware, a good reading experience, a device that supports standard ebook formats and 70 straight frigging hours of reading time. Kobo, my aim is on trying you out sometime soon, yer looking pretty good and I’m hearing nothing but good things about you. I hope that a refresh with a color e-ink screen is coming soon.


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