I’m Going To Do Something That I Never Do


Hello folks, I’m sure that you’re all aware that Windows 8 has just released. I’ve been using the Consumer Preview for the past couple of months and have more positive than negative things to say about Windows 8. Even so, I miss the level of configuration and understanding offered by GNU Linux – specifically Ubuntu. I originally planned to split my hard drive and dualboot so that I could compare Ubuntu 12.10/KDE Fedora 17 Spin with Windows 8. Instead, I’ve decided to give PC-BSD another go with its’ 9.1 release.

I know that I may have lost some of you there, I’ll explain this briefly. GNU\Linux or just Linux (as it’s used on this blog and popularly in many other places) are the core framework of desktop operating systems that compete with the merits of Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. A major difference between Linux and Windows/Mac is that the core is usable and modifiable by anyone that wants access to it, in fact the community openly encourages it. Just imagine if the core of Windows XP was made available and that anyone could release a Windows XP system that had a level of interoperability between all of the versions that multiple people made. That’s Linux in a nutshell, both different and united to an extent. The truth behind it is much more meticulous to the point where interoperability is a feature that must be worked at significantly more than what Microsoft and Apple offer with their systems.

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