Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn…

Cutting Edge SNES Graphics

…HAS THE FREAKING COOL MAGITEK ARMOR FROM FINAL FANTASY VI IN IT! Wait, this is just a trick to use my nostalgia to gain interest in a new game. They’re leveraging content from the best Final Fantasy game ever made and it. is. working. Oh my, look at it. Please, just look at it. Why does it have to be an MMO?

The original art.

I wish that it could be played in single player offline like Phantasy Star Online so that I could at least try to enjoy the core experience without the monthly subscription fee and noobs. Yes, I still use "noobs". Noob moments happen to the best of us, they’re the nerd version of a certain type of a moment from the Boondocks. Just look at these screens people, LOOK! MIRA!

Modern Technology = Beer Goggles For Gaming.

Yes, games should be judged by their content and the quality of their gameplay just like how men should be judged by their actions and the content of their character. How many of you have actually done that 24/7 for the entirety of your life? None of you so hush, stop judging! It’s like having a business lunch and a very attractive, well dressed woman walks by, it’s going to be distracting despite how much you respect or disrespect women.

To take this much, MUCH further, it’s like having a new Zelda game launch on a day you had to do the thing with your friend. You know it’s not going to be fun after the first playthrough. Heck, you know it’s going to have plenty of tedious puzzles, way too many cinematics and do everything but be a true challenge. You just want to dive into that Zelda lore, to see what’s new in the world and to hope that Nintendo has not let you down (again). You know that your $50 could have been better spent but for the superficial beauty of modern tech and your nostalgia you buy that title anyway. If I was still buying games just to buy them and fly through them for bragging rights I would jump into this mmo, thank God I don’t do that anymore. Still, you know there has to be some more awesome fanservice in this late year release that’s going to tempt me and possibly you Reader. Let’s be strong!


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