It’s A Good And A Bad Idea

How many tetriminoes would it take to make your house?
Really, it sounds awesome but you need to remember that these are tetris pieces. You’re looking at theoretical designs to figure out which pieces you would need and how many but what about actually implementing it? Let’s see what would happen when you try to make a wall, floor or ceiling:

Yep, the pieces disappear. Building a Tetris house would be a Sisyphus-esque task. It would actually be worse because you would never get pass the foundation of the house, or could you? You can’t beat Tetris, you can only lose. You lose by not making complete lines, game over screens in tetris all have at least one gap in every possible line, a house would have to be built based upon that philosophy.


So would your house be tetris-swiss cheese? That does sound tasty, an edible house that combines Russian and Swiss culinary talents could be deliciously brilliant, I’d just hate to be around for when it spoils. Honestly, you’d probably have to build the house with 2 or 3 layer design for nearly every surface. That way even though there are gaps they can be completely covered without losing lines. We would need something besides windows and doors to break it up, at least I would if I were to be the one living in it.

A great designer/engineer would figure out how to get natural air conditioning or heating built into the design. An enterprising person may have water filters or some cool see through design in place for the space between the blocks. Maybe the person that made the Christmas lights of their house move in sync to music could work with Ben Heck and a team of engineers to have a home that is an eternally played, and lost, Tetris game? It all sounds so cool but I can only imagine issues in entering and exiting. What’s your take, how would you build a Tetris house?

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