Weekly Humble Bundle Debuts With Bastion

I’ve been a major fan of these bundles, I try my best not to miss them. The games can be hit or miss but you usually have at least two games that are just spectacular. Even so, participating in the bundle is a bit like buying a music cd. You get to buy what you want but still get to try out other content that you may have never tried before. I would have never played Superbrothers Sword and Scorcery if it wasn’t for these bundles, I’ll keep participating in most of offerings that support linux.

Each bundle usually involves 5 or more games but may start out with less than what it ends with. You pay what you want to get drm free versions of the games. Pay more than a dollar and you’ll get a steam key, in some bundles you’ll also receive Desura and Ubuntu Store keys. Beat the average and you get the extra games. If you donated before they showed up you’ll get them anyway without beating the average.

Your money can go towards the developers, two charities that have roots within the gaming community and to the host of the bundle itself. The other special part about the bundles are that the games are multiplatform titles, they are all set to work on Windows, Mac and Linux. In some bundles they even offer Android versions. There’s usually soundtracks available for most of the games offered too, awesome!

The change with the weekly bundle actually appears to borrow from Gog.com quite a bit. They will focus on a single game and extend the quality items included with the purchase. So in addition to the soundtrack you will also receive art, sheet music and phone ringtones. You’ll only get it if you beat the current average of $2.58. Pay $25 and you’ll receive a Bastion branded bandana, sountrack cd, a Bastion post card and post card based upon their next game (Transistor).

Despite all of the nice bonuses here I’m going to pass. I’ve bought Bastion twice now but I would suggest that anyone the slightest bit interested check out this bundle. I may just gift this to a friend, they would love the idea of a gift that they received benefiting charity and hard working people. First via Steam then second via the fifth Humble Bundle. I do like the idea of the Humble Weekly Sale, I just wish that it could last for two weeks. Maybe after the first week could be limited to only paying for the older bundle at the average donation level or higher while a new bundle is launched. That would make it easier for people with jobs that may want to contribute but just may not have everything in order yet.

If you’re cutting it that close than maybe you shouldn’t donate but I’ve had close situations where the order of money spent or keeping a certain amount in my account mattered greatly. Even an expenditure as small as $0.01 can be the difference between experiencing a fee in your bank account for the monthly tally if you’re just keeping the minimum amount to not be charged (this is an issue I’ll tackle later – future tl;dr switch to a credit union).


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