They Just Had To Ruin My Favorite PC Game Series

"To me, it’s just odd that the developer’s vision had to take such precedence over what players wanted. Why couldn’t that vision of a social, MMO-esque SimCity coexist alongside a single-player experience?"


I agree completely, why place the developers wants over that of the players? As the player it’s like being served Ravioli when you ordered and paid for Spaghetti. I may like both but I ordered what I ordered for a reason. Goodbye John, you will not be missed.


2 thoughts on “They Just Had To Ruin My Favorite PC Game Series

  1. I’m actually supportive of Maxis / EA in this case. Everyone always complains when they roll out games that play exactly like the predecessor. Developers will never try to innovate if the audience just complains about it being different. Different is good. I enjoy that this Sim City is a refreshing break from the previous games. Otherwise all it would be is a graphics update.

    • I agree with you and the sentiment that games can be changed and improved upon. It’s just that the company decided to cut off a significant portion of its’ potential userbase and their products use cases. A person like me doesn’t have a stable internet connection available to them 24/7 or in most of the situations where I would play this game.

      Wireless connectivity is crap at work for phones and we have no wifi to use here. Wifi use is severely limited in my home since its’ a shared connection and has to be placed in the central, but worst, spot so that everyone has some sort of access. I would really love to take part in those online features when possible but I don’t like having to miss out on Sim City altogether simply because I can’t be online in most of the situations and places that I would want to play it. I would deal their crazy drm just to play Sim City 5, I mean look at it – it’s Sim City 5!

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