The XI3 Is A Joke

That XI3 pc is a bit of a joke. They’re expecting people to preorder it when they haven’t released all of their specs yet. I just bought a refurbished laptop, that if I had bought new would still be a competitive option when compared to it. Gaming isn’t all about specs but if you’re going to deal with specs you should get the most performance possible out of every dollar spent.

Primary Storage: 128GB SSD
3.2Ghz Quad Core (R464)
Unannounced AMD gpu

So the storage space is small, at least if you’re trying to get into the expansive, cinematic style gaming that uses over 10 gigs of space (16-24 on average from what I see) on games that last anywhere between 4-20 hours.

The ram’s speed has not been identified, for all that we know it could be running at 333 Mhz. Honestly, I believe that it’s going to be between 1333-1600 Mhz.

The processor is falsely advertised as running at 3.2 Ghz, it really runs at 2.3 Ghz. It will just go into an overdrive like mode where it will ramp up to 3.2 as needed (by software, not the user).

The gpu is going to be from AMD’s 7000 series, more than likely their mobile 7000 series. It’s going to run games well but it’s not a beast. It seems more like the type of chip to use in an AMD branded Ultrabook (ya, oem’s have their own names for AMD versions since that’s an Intel trademark and brand). Even then, it’s at the lower end. It’s the chip that Alienware would use if they were trying to make a netbook with the power of a laptop. It’s called an embedded chip for a reason. The power draw is low and the performance is also low when compared to the rest of AMD’s lineup and the rest of the market.

My Pavilion dv6-6c35dx before my upgrades

Primary Storage 640 GB hdd
6 GB of RAM 1333 Mhz
2.5 Ghz quadcore processor
AMD Radeon 6620G gpu

So my storage is slower and drains my energy.

My ram speed is decent but nothing to brag about, less is definitely not as good as more.

My processor speed is really 1.6 Ghz per core but can boost itsel fup to 2.5 Ghz as needed.

My gpu is cool. It’s probably as good as your getting on mobile for a cheap that doesn’t have its’ own memory. If it had even 512 MB of ram or "sideport" memory I would have received the deal of the century.

The Xi3 costs $900 now, $1,000 later in the year. My laptop cost me $310 refurbished and would have cost me $550 new. I used the saving to upgrade it.

Primary Storage: 64 GB SSD
Secondary Storage: 640 GB HDD
8 GB of RAM 1333 Mhz
2.5 Ghz quadcore processor

AMD Radeon 6620G gpu

So it’s mostly the same except it has quite the speed boost now. Extremely quick, sata iii ssd. I still have access to the original hdd for additional space as needed, I removed the dvd drive and placed it in a portable enclosure. My ram matches the Xi3 and the processor and gpu are still pretty solid. It cost me less than $110 to get the ssd, extra ram, external dvd enclosure and hdd caddy. My laptop is also portable, I can use it everywhere the XI3 can go out of box and then some since it has its’ own screen. It also has a webcam, fingerprint scanner, 4 speakers and should be able to do anything that $1,000 piece of hardware above can do. If I had of spent 30 more dollars I would have the same size ssd. I just program, type, do college work and play games. It has much more value because it is mobile.

I keep laughing at the people that are talking about preordering the Xi3 and how awesome it is. They usually have pc’s and laptops that can run circles around my laptop and anything the Xi3 will have. It’s like they’re proud to waste their money on something for false social standing when they could do something practical with it. How is it that the hardcore are almost always broke but have money to buy crap all of the time? That’s why they must be destroyed, they devalue everything. They’re like value and perspective locusts, things are only good once its’ destroyed. The hardcore must be destroyed.


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