Old Response To An Email I Replied To: This new pokemon game worries me

The original email had someone that was worried about the announcement of Pokemon X & Y. This is my response.

I’ll address the issues of the mailer, feel free to add his original text for more context if it’s needed. I’m a 25 year-old pokemaniac, you can consider this game to be the closest equivalent to Dragon Quest here. At least that’s how I view it (despite Final Fantasy’s previous successes).

1. To address your concerns about this being the shortest gap in Pokemon generations I’ll just point out the following info:

GameBoy Pocket, released 1996/1st Generation (Red/Blue) released 1998
GameBoy Color, released 1998/2nd Generation (Gold/Silver) released 2000
GameBoy Advance, released 2001/3rd Generation (Ruby/Sapphire) released 2003
Nintendo DS, released 2004/4th Generation (Diamond/Pearl) released 2006
Nintendo DSi, released 2008/5th Generation (Black/White) released 2010
Nintendo 3DS, released 2011/6th Generation (X.Y) released 2013

Every Pokemon Generation debuts two years after every major handheld release. More specifically, it seems to target handhelds that have significant changes/upgrades. The only exception to this rule is the GameBoy Advance SP (2003) which released the same year as Ruby/Sapphire, had the first gen remakes release for it the following year, Emerald released released 2005. We receive a new Pokemon game just about every year. The only thing that make them seem to take longer is localization. Diamond/Pearl released in 2006 in Japan but we didn’t get it in the states until early 2007.

2. There isn’t enough information to call the 3D a gimmick in this game yet. It was partially so in gen 5 but on the small trailer released so far it looks brilliant. It makes the game feel so much more expansive and ripe for adventuring. It still seems to allow for plenty of imagination and will help in making locations much more distinct. At least based on the designs we’ve seen so far. The 3D in previous Pokemon games seem to be moreso like Gamefreak dipping their toes into the water, X/Y is them performing a cannonball.

3. The Pokemon designs have been up for debate over the previous years. I personally hate the designs of most of the new generation 5 pokemon but I do like the fire starter from generation 6. I remember many people hating the generation 4 pokemon but in the end everyone usually finds a few pokemon that they like.

The pokemon designs have moved from being fun, quality caricatures of Japanese culture and the natural world but it hasn’t been a major issue yet. They’re never so off that they kill the game. I would prefer it if they were all given higher level of detail and care in the creation process. We don’t need 100 new pokemon for every generation, half of that would be fine if they would focus on strengthening other areas of the game.

4. The 3DS does suck balls but the 3DS XL actually has very beautiful screens and finally does backwards compatibility right (proper aspect ratio respect). You should try it out sometime. I will be buying one just to play the new Fire Emblem, Pokemon and Advance Wars (for when it eventually releases).

5. Pokemon moving to a global launch strategy would require a global presentation. I was actually a bit in awe that Nintendo would actually do something like this, it shows how serious they are about the game and the community. It sucked that our broadcast happened at 6am Eastern but it still happened. It did seem to favor Japan since they had the most favorable announcement time.

It’s also being done to combat the fan sites that translate and release information ahead of what NOA would prefer to have announced. Consider this Nintendo taking a more realistic approach instead of slapping fan sites with cease and desist orders.

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