EA Has A Good Idea

In a time when ISP’s have data caps on internet service and wireless carriers meter data usage EA has a good idea. They have decided to take an offline game series, Sim City, and create a beautifully crafted sequel to it that requires a continuous online connection to play its’ single player mode! Oh, the glorious EA believes that we will suddenly dedicate our precious data allowances and bandwith so that we can play Sim City 5 for as long as they say we can play.

Games like Sim City 2000 are bad. You see it allows people to play it long after its’ support drops and even longer after it’s been created. Kind of like chess, monopoly and blackjack. The only reason to make the online mandatory is to spy on players, control their experience completely and cut the cord to playability long after the company is interested in the title. LONG LIVE EA AND THEIR GLORIOUS MINDS!

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