No Woman Knows The Konami Code

The Verge questions the lack of women at the Sony Playstation 4 event.

I respond with a question – Why does it matter?

There aren’t any “little people” representing companies. Very few if any black folk, I don’t think there are any openly gay or transgendered folk available either. There are way too many bald people, not enough people with dreadlocks. We don’t have enough fat guys and I’m pretty sure that there are very few if any Libertarians available.

I don’t know for certain if video game/tech companies are actively discouraging women from taking leading roles behind the scenes and in presentations. Does it really matter? It would be one thing if we had qualified, talented, female candidates that were ambitious and constantly being left out but I have not seen or heard anything that would lead us to believe that there is active discrimination. Women may make up half of the population but how many of them actually try to take J Allard‘s job or Satoru Iwata‘s position?

“By now, we have a pretty good idea of what a male-dominated game culture can do — a lot of guns…”

Correct me if I’m wrong but I do believe that women play, enjoy and even thrive in fps’s. Anecdotally speaking, my three sister’s loved and played the heck out of Goldeneye, War Mode in Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Time Splitters 2 and would probably be Serious Sam 3: BFE if they weren’t too busy working. I’m fairly certain that many women play Call of Duty, the most successful fps franchise in recent history and possibly ever.

If there’s an issue with anything, it’s with the representation of women characters in video games. Sometimes they just aren’t there and other times they can be raunchy. I believe that for every Jade we receive 50 Ivy’s.


Above is the protagonist, Jade, of Beyond Good & Evil fame. I dare not search for an image of Ivy, I’m not exactly on my home pc right now!

I’m not convinced that we need more women employed in gaming. What I do believe that we need more diversity in gaming period. The traditional industry is becoming a soup of insularity and overspecialization, the latter of which has been said to result in death.

How many fps’s do we truly need? How many AAA, epic you become so ungodly powerful games do we need? Will getting 3 more people online in shooter x really be of significance?

If there is more than one way to skin a cat then there has to be more than one way to make a game. If diversity in games took place, I believe that this would attract more women to the Industry as well as other demographics. The video game industry isn’t as homogenous as Japan but based upon articles focusing on demographic-based injustices it sure sounds that way often.



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