Final Fantasy X – To Zanarkand

Rarely are we blessed with music that is as equally captivating as it is touching. This is a sad tune that beautifully captures the tone of the game, the characters and the world for which it represents.

There is a sense of dread and hopelessness but still it stands beautifully. It has to be one of the most memorable tunes I’ve heard in any medium ever. The piano is spot on, it’s perfect. I couldn’t imagine any better tune to open Final Fantasy X with or of any other composer that I could praise so highly.

I wish that the composer, Nobuo Uematsu, could write a song that’s equally as strong but focused intensely upon happiness. Tears could come to your eyes from listening to “To Zanarkand”, imagine the smiles and happy days that we could have with a song at the exact opposite end of the spectrum. It may seem strange to like a gloomy song but when it’s this awesome you just need to choose when to ration a listening and even a share.

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