Drumstick, The Original Angry Bird

DrumstickYep, one of the two hidden characters of kart racing game Diddy Kong Racing was the first fowl to have a beef with some pork. The premise of the game is that pig from outer space, Wizpig, crash landed on a tiger named Timber’s island, locked off choice parts of it and turned the largest of the locals into bosses/guardians for his own bidding. In order to defeat the pig you have to beat all 4 guardians and in order to even have a shot at them you have beat a bunch of other animals in a circuit of races twice. Once normally then again with the challenge of a collect-a-thon in the middle of the race. Beat all 4 guardians from across the island and you’ll be granted access to the Wizpig’s Island-Rushmore lair.

ww_pic03Needless to say, you race a giant pig but the chicken is nowhere to be found. Apparently Drumstick is the best racer on the island but is missing during this great crisis. Spoiler Alert: He was turned a frog. You can’t find the frog on the island until after scaring off the pig who is a bit of a douchey sore loser. He terrorizes all of the games drivers one last time before heading off into space. This is where Drumstick comes in. Anyone can do this part but Drumstick is your ace-in-the-hole. Drumstick turns a lighthouse into a rocket that he uses to launch himself and everyone into space after the pig that rides a rocket.

Sure, you don’t get to plot your trajectory and anyone can do it but who would be the one most likely to do it? The monkey, the mouse, the badger? No, the chicken that was turned into a frog with a red comb in its’ head. He chases down the big bad pig and teaches him not to do what he did. He was in space before the Angry Birds, bringing the war to the worst pig ever. His weapons were top racing ability and magical balloons that gave him missiles, mines, shields and myriad of other ways to beat the pig. Is he legend? Did he pave a path for Rovio’s birds to follow? I can’t help but think that Drumstick’s precedent helped out future generations of gaming birds in the continuing war against evil pigs.

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