Olds, Dateds, This Isn’t News

Facebook.com has been around online for longer than Google.com, how about that? The Google founders met in 1995, created the Backrub search engine in 1996 and rebranded it as "Google" the following year. The world easily accepted Wii after some playful banter but could we have accepted total internet domination by Backrub?! Why yes, firmly in the center please – press extra hard. Google as Google Inc. didn’t exist until 1998 but as a search engine it was born in 1996 after the incubation started in 1995.

Facebook as we know it (or do we?) wouldn’t come into any form of existence until October 28, 2003 as Facemash. Mark Zuckerberg was also scolded by his school, Harvard, but they had the decency to not bring the federal government into the actual mediation. Mark actually hacked the heck out of Harvard’s servers, used data without permission and could have been brought up on a huge list of things. Gloss over a few facts, tap dance on some twins and BLAM! We have a man that just brought his multi-billion dollar company public.

Sure, it lost much of its’ value nearly as soon as it became a publicly traded company but Mark was treated like a decent human by his university. MIT needs to re-evaluate their policies and verify that there were not any personal vendettas or private interests guiding their recent actions against a great man that recently took his own life. We may not know the complete tale but being wrongfully charged with Federal crimes can not possibly add positive thoughts to someone under pressure.

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