Here’s An Interesting Grant Opportunity For Any Individual In College Or Out With Any Background

This is just a small excerpt of the “Public Diplomacy Proposals – Guatemala” grant made available via I’ve only made edits for readability, click the link above to access the actual grant page or search the site for yourself. This grant is aimed more at those that would like to contribute to the diplomacy efforts of our country and humanitarians. The money is meant to be used for those efforts and nothing else, if you’re going to school for similar reasons or would like to perform this type of work then here is your chance. Go for the gold.


“Proposals should fit under one of four main themes:

1) Supporting the rule of law and citizen security
2) Encouraging economic growth and sustainable environmental practices
3) Improving health and education
4) Increasing mutual understanding between the United States and Guatemala Important

notes: – All potential applicants should be knowledgeable of similar existing programs in Guatemala, including those funded by the U.S. Government, in order to avoid duplication of effort.

– PAS monies cannot be used for infrastructure, although purchases of equipment can be included in the budget with reason.

– Proposals can be submitted in either Spanish or English. However, if your proposal is selected, all project reports must be submitted in English. If your organization does not include a proficient English speaker, consider including the costs of translation in your budget.

– Proposals must be submitted electronically to guerrakm or via by midnight on February 20, 2013.”


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