Fans Are Awesome

Above is a mock Toonami opening for the fan created Dragonball Absalon. I pretty much love the original DragonBall more than most other anime out there. Z, GT and all of the movies have their place (GT and the Matrix sequels will cease to exist after I call on Shenron) but the original show has a style and solid level of respect and enjoyability that the series lost from Z onwards. Kai has helped to bring us a much more balanced show by cutting a lot of the crap (fun crap sometimes like Pikkon or Goku getting his driver’s license) and staying closer to the tones of the original show.

Absalon as a fan creation shows promise and may do what the studios could not. Create a soap opera around martial arts, chinese folklore and a ton of insular stuff that fans can enjoy without putting off newcomers. Absalon has a nice visual style, good sound design and a great premise for the show that could be a true grand tour. Sure, the background music overshadows the characters voices at times but many of these kinks are bound to be worked out as the series is developed.

It would be one thing for a professional studio to release this, it’s another for unpaid fans to do so. The quality is fine either way and I only expect it to get better. I would like more outlines/dark lines (or at least slightly better color contrast for a few scenes), Absalon looks like the progeny of DBZ Budokai for Gamecube. That isn’t a bad thing. It’s like Akira Toriyama and Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack) came together to make a new DragonBall entry. I’m loving that so, so much. It’s beautiful.

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