Next Generation Consoles May Prevent Used Game Sales

Sony has recently filed for a patent to block or possibly even co-opt used game sales. I don’t know about you but I’ll never buy games that I cannot eventually resale.

*logs into Steam Account*

*redownloads Wiiware and Virtual Console games*

*Plays Sonic game purchased from the Play Store*

*praises drm free games*

Okay, so maybe I and plenty of other people will purchase software at the cost of our resale rights. I previously pledged to stick to drm-free solutions as much as possible but it appears as if a decision may be forced upon us by the Game Industry. Either you will still spend $60 or more on games that you continually have less right to use as a consumer or you will not play the games. If recent sales trends are a sign of what to come, I expect the industry to lose much of its’ market as it flips them the bird while abandoning ship.

This is a concept so simple that even a business man can understand it. If you condition me to accept quality products then spend a significant amount of time diluting said product with unrelated items and features while increasing the cost then I will not support you. Developers can talk about art, piracy rates and the “Big Guys” all they want – if you aren’t making a strong, high quality proposal with your product then it’s not even going to get a second glance from me. Apparently I’m not alone. My time is valuable and I do so value solid, true gaming. I will not accept this watered down Lon Lon Milk, drenched in poo that you call a AAA title or a console game anymore if it can’t compete with the great games that I already own.


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