Minecraft – Instant Massive Structures Mod

I don’t play Minecraft (yet) but I’ve always followed the main news of the game along with major gameplay updates. It’s only been recently that I’ve become interested in mods to the game, some of them are pretty spectacular. I’ve seen people post mods that turn Creepers into galge-style anime girls and I’ve watched the Smart Moving mod with a small bit of awe.

Today I’ll simply post about one of the mods that may seem a bit boring – instant massive structures. I feel that I would be a major adventurer but the multilevel structure with the chained walls has given me plenty of ideas. Why not use it as a giant trap for enemies? How about using the tiling of each floor to duplicate a board game (chess, checkers, four-in-a-row, etc) or how about making it one gigantic, crazy implementation of 3D Chess with a few variations that would make Battle Chess proud? Modders, I know that you’re reading. Get to it before I eventually do!


Release Your Thoughts

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