Re: Transocean Pleads Guilty, Agrees To Pay $1.4 Billion To Settle Charges Related To Gulf Oil Spill Isn’t it wonderful that companies have all of the rights of individuals but don’t experience the same severity and type of punishment as any single human? Gnarly.


One thought on “Re: Transocean Pleads Guilty, Agrees To Pay $1.4 Billion To Settle Charges Related To Gulf Oil Spill

  1. Rights should only be for human beings and other living creatures, NOT for corporations. Corporations are non-human entities, created constructs that only exist on paper. What’s worse is that the very concept of corporations is a creation of humans who’s only driving force or moral framework is based on monetary gain “profit” by any means, even immoral or illegal. It would be more fair to say that an actual, physical thing has the same rights as a human. Ludicrous? Yes, yet here we are allowing the corrupt political system, bought and paid by the same mammon worshiping bottom feeders who stand at the helm of the corporations to write into law that corporations have more rights than the citizenry with little or no culpability for the crimes they commit against man and nature. The very idea that a fine could fix the damage to our ecosystem is a travesty. The poisoning of the environment can’t be fixed by money, calling it a fine is just a sop, an attempt to placate the populace and reassure them that all is well and that the wrong doers are being punished. Never mind that it’s just a drop in the bucket when compared to the company profits. And how exactly is this fine going to clean up all the contamination? Simply put the technology doesn’t exist to undo all the damage that an oil spill does to the ocean and surrounding environs. It would certainly cost more than either the amount of the fine or even the net worth of the corporation if said technology did exist. In the end the fine will all to likely end up in the pockets of the politicians, a bribe from corporate America so that big business can go on as usual.

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