Re: Goodbye Galaxy Games fires back at Renegade Kid’s piracy blog Dementium is a boring game and a horrible title for a hand held. The sequel reached a smaller audience because there was a smaller amount of people that actually cared for the game or that genre on the 3DS. Console style, atmospheric games are offensive to hand held gamers and to hand held gaming. Even Metroid Prime had to ape Quake III in its transition to the DS. I feel that the developers of Dementium II felt entitled to good sales because they made a “good” game. The reality of the situation kicked them swiftly between the legs. They tried to market a game to a player base that can’t sustain it because overall they just don’t care about that style of play. Even Resident Evil would fight an uphill battle on the system with its arcadey style gameplay. Just who the heck was this game designed for – the developers or the players? They should have aimed it at Xbox Live and PSN. Sure, there would be more competition but at least the market is more suitable to the type of games that developer would like to make.


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