How Often Do You Print?

For me, personal printers are practically disposable. I usually buy an all-in-one that has a flatbed scanner, a document feeder, wireless and energy saving modes. I usually end up with something by Lexmark since they have good support for linux. I very rarely actually print anything, Saving everything to a pdf or htm file is very convenient since the files can be viewed on nearly any computer or smart phone now. Very rarely is there actually a need in my own life or other users live to actually have a document physically available. Anecdotally speaking, people that have computer technology integrated deeply in their lives tend to have environments that are paperless or close to it. I have never tossed a printer because it didn’t work, I can fix and troubleshoot any printer problem that comes before me on my own hardware. Instead, I just give/sell my hardware to a friend or family member when the default ink cartridge has run out of ink or dried up, then purchase another $100 or less printer.

If I was running a business then it would be preferable to just replace the ink/toner and maintain the device. It’s an easy temptation to just buy a new printer with the latest improvements to cut done on energy usage, increasing ppi for scans, increasing overall color print quality and getting to test and use some of the latest functions to come to the printing world. The cost of ink/toner replacements can equal about 33-50% the cost of a decent printer. If your needs moreso fit the secondary functions of the device instead of primary one but you still have need of the primary functions then yearly/biyearly upgrades may not seem like such a bad thing. It can be very easy to subsidize the cost of a new printer by selling an old one. How do you treat printing, how often do you print?

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