Is Bungbungames 10.1″ Android Tablet Awesome? No Major Site Knows But Newegg’s Commentors Do

What runs Jelly Bean and can use SD? The BungBungame tablet, powered by Tegra 3! It’s a 10.1″ tablet (Manufacturer labeled MI100) with 1 GB of memory, 16 GB’s of storage, 1280×800 resolution (Glorious 16:10!), front and rear facing cameras (1.2 MP/720P and 5 MP/1080P respectively), Mic, Audio jack, SDXC slot, Bluetooth V3, wifi-only but with every sensor you’d expect to see in a phone all wrapped inside of a 2.9 lb package for $299. According to reviews the tablet recently sold for $200 before jumping back up to $30 beneath its’ original MSRP.

That resolution may not be impressive but for the price it’s just right. I’m still working from a laptop with a 15″ screen that uses the same resolution (sad, I know). Somehow I’m still able to function in every day tasks and work so I won’t fault this little guy for its’ non-retina level ppi. According to most of the reviewers on Newegg this tablet has a vivid display that’s responsive enough to back up BungBungames 10 finger claims meaningfully. There hasn’t been a single complaint about the heft of the device and it seems as if it shipped with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and was upgraded the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) shortly after its’ release.

There isn’t much mention of whether the upgrade made the device more responsive but users have reported that the upgrade process is a bit slow. I’m guessing that it’s due to limited server bandwidth and distance, BungBungame is a Taiwanese company with an American branch. I’m not sure if the operating system updates would be stored within the US or in Taiwan, either way no one has bricked a device despite having to try to update multiple times. The upgrade does come with a tradeoff that the manufacturer warns users about before allowing them to upgraded. As noted by user shineybuttons!, “Since ownership I haven’t found any glitches, as noted during Jelly Bean update you will lose some SRS features.”

Which brings us to the next point, this is one of the few Android tablets that has given sound more attention than making it a bullet point. The manufacturer has invested into SRS 3D surround sound tech for the tablet and apparently it’s good. Just like the latest Kindle Fire tablets, this slab uses dual speakers which should be very welcomed in a 10″ tablet. The way SRS tech works is that it uses stereo speakers to simulate a full surround sound experience in a way that’s only comparable to Dolby Pro Logic II. I have not used the latest Kindle Fire tablets personally but I do know that they are not true Android tablets. They’re more like Amazon Kindle tablets powered by Android. That means that they don’t offer the Google Play store or an android experience that would be recognizable to most users of Android phones.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I would prefer a stock or at least a true Android computing experience. All of those Android games purchased from the Play Store will be playable on this device, even better titles like Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 will be playable in their best forms on this tablet due to it being powered by a Tegra 3 soc. A soc is short for a system on a chip, simply think of it as a combined package for processors and graphics and all of the things that will make them work together harmoniously. The sum of parts with this tablet appears to have given every reviewer that noted it a smooth gaming and HD video watching experience.

Some have noted that the build quality isn’t a detracting portion of this tablet. Bungbungame may not be able to purchase materials at the same economy of scale of Apple or Google but in the tablet world they wouldn’t need to in order to make a competitive device. Their tablet is costlier than some of their options and it doesn’t have the backing of a major company but based upon user reviews and data that I’ve gathered about this tablet, it’s a very solid option. In fact, I’m going to contact the company to see if I could get a review copy! I’d like to see just how well this compares to my phone and any other tablets that I can get my hands on along with comparing it to my dinosaur of a laptop. I’d also prefer to see what the gaming experience is like for myself, with and without using a PS3 controller via bluetooth (yep, Android can do that natively from 4.0 onward). Here’s to hoping for the best, if you’ve used this tablet or are interested in learning more about it let me know please!

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