Can You Feel the Poke’love Tonight?

I love the attention to detail, that Liepard looks feral and that poor Watchdog in its’ mouth is completely believable. The text of the guide makes it feel as if it’s truly just one page of hundreds in an extravagant guide that someone like Brock would love to get their hands on. DEXTER HAS REAL COMPETITION NOW!

Simply Magnificent. This picture is but one of many created by CasteelArt of deviantART, a great website for artists to showcase their work and even monetize it. This is part of his Pokemon “Field Guide” series. It’s some of the highest quality Pokemon art that you’ll see in any form. It follows a coherent theme that brings the world of Pokemon closer to one matching the wildlife of our world. I highly suggest that you click the picture above and few the entire series, it’s very well done and is still being expanded.

This is something that the Digimon World game and Digimon Season 3 attempted but through his art it’s better realized in Pokemon. This guide showcases a level of quality and respect for the series that was exhibited in the original seasons of the anime. Just take a look at the pilot then view any of the more recent episodes of the show. The battling may be much more faithful to the game to the wonder and adventure of a world filled with interesting content is arguably gone now.

If you’ve read this post then I’m assuming that you’ve had experience with Pokemon in some form at some point in your life, what is/was so appealing about Pokemon? For example, did you get hooked on the card game, the EV/IV’s of the gameboy games, trading, battling, collecting, watching the show – what did/does it for you?

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