The conflict between Obama and Romney comes to an end today. I mean sure, if Obama loses he can challenge Romney again in 4 years but how likely is it that he will? If Romney wins, he too could become a single term president if he can’t fix the economy in four years. There is so much wrong here that I’ll save it for another post but go into just a small portion of it now.

Honestly though, “fix” the economy? The economy is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. If you want it to be more favorable to “We The People” then we need to take control of it back from the bankers. You see we gave them control via the creation of the Federal Reserve and we continue to leave it in their control. The media spends so much time talking about who has the right to decide what happens with a womans vagina but they give no attention at all to the life source of our economy.

Yep, that’s our money! The Federal Reserve and our Congress get to print an infinite amount of money! At least it’s nearly infinite, the recent struggles with the budget was all about how infinite this money should be! If you stay in Michigan and watch tv then you may have seen those ads that show China bragging in their classrooms about how they owned our debt, came to collect it and made us their servants. It’s a fictional production but isn’t far from a very possible future based upon how the idiot in office now, the idiot before him and the idiot after him will behave. Yes, I believe that Obama is going to lose and badly. I don’t want Romney to win either. I’d prefer it if Gary Johnson or Jill Stein (she’s more balanced than Gary) took the Presidential office. Unfortunately, since many Americans are narrowminded, I’ll have to show you who the true winner of this election is.

Are you ready?

Can you handle it?

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