If I See Another Pokebreeder…


I may cuss uncontrollably. In Black 2/White 2 a certain set of Pokebreeders will battle you every time that they see you but only after you’ve returned to the area. That means that you can go inside of a house, exit then walk by them again and be forced to battle them again. You could be surfing and enter another area by one panel then head backwards and get caught by them again.


At first I was thrilled, it would make getting experience easier while training newer Pokemon. That benefit is moot since the game now bases experience earned on the level difference between battlers. If Pokemon A triumphs over Pokemon B while it’s of the same level then you receive normal experience points for the effort. If Pokemon A is stronger than B then the experience points will be less than what would normally received. If Pokemon A is weaker than B then the experience points will be greater than normal.


This is a frigging great system and it scales excellently. My level 1 Oshawott was switched out of a battle with a level 46 Pokemon so that another member of my team could put it in its’ place. It jumped straight to level 15 after the battle. Conversely it’s not so fun to bulldoze weaker opponents since the payoff lessens. This means that rebattling the breeders are not as great as they could be and are actually annoying. Their new presence adds another layer of danger to the world if you’re not well stocked on healing items or strong pokemon but in general they don’t carry many pokemon. Also, their pokemon never level up or evolve. You can just imagine how annoying their presence can become while backtracking.


Death to breeders!


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