Lay-A-Way – Not Just For Dummies

I never believed that layaway was a program primarily aimed at uneducated people. Anyone that spends more than a few seconds thinking on the subject would be able to point out a few of its’ benefits.

1. Guaranteed Availability

Why fight the masses when they inevitably try to complete all of their shopping at the last possible moment? Layaway allows customers to plan their purchases in advance and pay a very small premium (usually $5 or less) so that they can assure availability of a hot item. Bet many people wish that that they had of done this in 2006 when the Wii released.

2. Time Management

Maybe you’re able to spend plenty of time shopping a few days before your direct deposit hits but are just a it short. The item that you want may not be of much interest to anyone else but it’s located in a disorganized store or is in a very inconvenient place in a mega store that may require an associate to grab it. Taking care of getting the item moved in advance can save time and may even allow you to squeeze in a pick up before work on payday so that you can attend to other needs/wants.

3. Saving Incentive

Some people just don’t have the willpower to stock up on cash in their bank accounts or mattress but may be able to pay a small amount of a larger total every couple of weeks for the purpose of getting something that they care about. This is an arguable point but anecdotally I can confirm that people are more able to work towards something much more tangible or immediate with a deadline if they are accountable to more than themselves.

What do you think about layaway?

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