Maybe It’s Time to Move to Kansas

Really, tornado alley may not be a horrible place to stay. It’s actually looking fairly attractive due to a couple of recent developments.

Google is building a network infrastructure that is insanely fast when compared to anything else in this country at the consumer level. Heck, it’s faster than many business options too at a 1 Gbps connection. That’s 1 Gbps both up and down. There’s also a fairly solid cable offering included if you’re willing to pay an additional $50 a month (your remote control is a Nexus 7 tablet). And to add the cherry on top of that sundae, you receive 1 TB (enough space to host about 1500 feature length movies) of online storage as part of your subscription.

If you happen to be cheap or plain can’t afford either service, you can at least receive a free (you will have to pay the $300 installation fee for this option but you can opt to pay it in installments), lower tier internet service from Google if you’re in a supported area. Its’ download speed is 5 Mbps and the upload speed is 1 Mbps. For comparison AT&T’s Elite DSL Internet service, it’s fastest DSL package, offers download speeds of 6 Mbps and upload speeds of 768 Kbps (.76 Mbps) for $35 a month. You can get a very comparable speed from Google for $25 a month for only 12 months and then have it free after that time. This is going to bring serious competition to Kansas, I wouldn’t mind being there to experience it first hand.

Blazing fast internnet speeds, a new take on cable and a great amount of online storage may not be enough to get you to move. What if your student loans could be paid in full? After the experiment at Niagara Falls that involved paying off a significant portion of student loan debt for new graduates that become citizens, Kansas has decided to steal that idea and go crazy with its’ implementation. The complete rules for applying are here. Would you move for a solid internet connection, decent cable tv rates and for the opportunity to wipe out or remove a sizable chunk of your student loan debt? If I could find a solid job in my field there, I would move in a heartbeat.


One thought on “Maybe It’s Time to Move to Kansas

  1. The 1TB “Google Drive” is cloud storage, which you get for both the gigabit Internet plan and the plan with the TV. If you do truly get 1gb/sec down, then the access speed of this drive should be the same as if you had a local file sharing server connected to a gigabit switch.

    If you get the TV plan, then you get the Nexus 7 tablet as a “remote”, plus an external 2TB hard drive that is used for local file sharing and DVR storage.

    It’s only available in the Kansas City proper (in both KS, and MO) at this time. I can’t wait for it to move to suburbs. I’m about 10 miles south in northern Johnson County, KS, and when it gets here, I know a dozen households that will drop AT&T and Time Warner Cable in a heartbeat to switch to this, including my own.

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